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Our Catering Team prepare nutritionally balanced meals in-house daily. Our Menus are carefully designed to ensure compliance with the Government's Healthy Eating Standards by RELISH. 

As part of Southwark Council's ongoing review and celebration of Free Healthy School Meals and the introduction of Free Healthy Nursery Meals, Southwark have developed a dessert policy, in consultation with nutritionists and with local schools. The Southwark School Desserts Policy applies to all school and nursery meals. 

Please click below to open the menus. The week beginning 6th September 2021 will follow Week 2 on the Spring-Summer Menu. A full list of allergens can be obtained from the Catering team by contacting the school office. Alternatively you may wish to register with RELISH for further information, please click here.

We endeavour to provide a NUT Free and Banana Free environment. Due to allergies please do not send your child with nuts or bananas in the packed lunch.


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