Due to popular demand there will be an additional virtual visit to the school via Webinar for prospective parents on the 8th December at 9:30am. Please contact us via email, school@stanthonys.southwark.sch.uk and we will send you a link to the webinar.

Our Mission Statement

St. Anthony’s School is based on a Catholic foundation.
This is shown in the way we offer all pupils, staff, parents, visitors and friends the experience of a loving, caring, learning, playful and worshipping community.
We see Christ in everyone.
Each child will be helped to achieve their social, academic and spiritual potential.
We work with the children, in partnership with family and parish communities.
We support all on their Faith journey in Christ.
We are committed to an equal opportunities policy and stand firm in the rejection of all prejudice.
We develop a community where mutual respect reigns, where value is placed on social and cultural diversity, where personal standards of behaviour and work are high and where all grow to recognise their responsibilities both to themselves and to others.


Our school values are:


All staff are expected to have positive and high expectations of all.