Welcome to St Anthony's

On behalf of our whole school community, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to St. Anthony’s School website. St Anthony’s is a happy and successful school serving the Roman Catholic community of East Dulwich and neighbouring parishes.

Our children tell us that they love to be here and we are very proud of them and of their achievements. We aim to provide an environment where our children can learn to love learning and prepare themselves for the skills they will need for a 21st Century world.

Key to our school’s success is our partnership with parents with whom we share responsibility for the children's education. We look forward to meeting new parents who are considering making an application to St Anthony’s so that you can see our bright new school buildings and our wonderful children for yourselves. 

For information about the Admissions process please use the link (above) .

Mr Ian Croft

Head of School 


Mrs Anita Gallagher

Executive Headteacher



Our Mission Statement

St. Anthony’s School is based on a Catholic foundation.

This is shown in the way we offer all pupils, staff, parents, visitors and friends the experience of a loving, caring, learning, playful and worshipping community.

We see Christ in everyone.

Each child will be helped to achieve their social, academic and spiritual potential.

We work with the children, in partnership with family and parish communities.

We support all on their Faith journey in Christ.

We are committed to an equal opportunities policy and stand firm in the rejection of all prejudice.

We develop a community where mutual respect reigns, where value is placed on social and cultural diversity, where personal standards of behaviour and work are high and where all grow to recognise their responsibilities both to themselves and to others.


130 Years of Catholic Primary School Education in East Dulwich


Etherow Street, Dulwich, London, SE22 0LA, Tel: 020 8693 6852 | Fax: 020 8693 2958, 

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